Family owned restaurant. Good service. Most important is the Crab Cakes (little pricey), but they are 1 lb of pure heaven. The best all around, worth every dollar. So treat yourself to the place and it’s meals. You will go back. Enjoy!!

~Mari Harkins



Excellent crabcakes!! Pizza is Great! Desserts by Rita are Scrumptious! The newly Renovated restaurant adds Class to the ambience and Meals. This is a definite place To visit!

~Joann Scarborough



Love the crab cakes of course, but the spinach pie is my favorite. Excellent pizza too. Never had a bad meal here!

~Jenn Drzik



I’ve gone here my whole life! Amazing crab cakes and fried food! Best Pizza & Restaurant in Town! Love supporting local businesses!

~Andy Lincoln



Amazing crabcakes! So big you can split 1 with 2 people for a totally satisfying meal. With their newly remodeled location, you’re surrounded by nice staff and pleasant surroundings.

~Sue Mack



One of the best crabcakes around. Loved the pizza and fries. Very nice service

~Paul Moxley



Best broiled crab cakes in the area get the platter also eclairs are good and chicken cheese steaks rock ! Good guys




The decor was very nice. The crab cake was the BEST I have had in the past 25 years, large back fin chunks, with a cream base. Seasoned exceptional well. Pricing for two was not bad at all, waitress was awesome. 

~Glenn G



Hugh crab cakes are the specialty, but all the food is delicious. Daily specials. The renovations look great. A good place for lunch, dinner or anytime!

~Linda Pollock



We loved Box Hill Pizzeria when we were stationed at Ft. Dietrich. Although they have very good pizza NOTHING can beat their crabcakes. We have not been here in about 9 years but the memory of the crabcakes stayed strong.

~Cheryl Foster



There crab cakes were excellent and their food was excellent and they seat you very quickly.. You always go home with a go Box. The prices of the food is Reasonable.

~Elizabeth Turner



Great crabcakes! Large sized cakes full of back in meat. Fantastic service on a busy Friday night.

~Diana O’Loughlin



Huge crab cakes full of the best lump backfin. The rest is pretty basic, but oh, those crab cakes!

~Gabrielle Missy Zimmerman



The best crabcake you will ever eat

~Vickie Fortney



Best crab cakes in Harford County. Excellent desserts too and very friendly service. Food is a bit pricey but crab cakes are expensive anywhere if they are any good!




This is absolutely positively the best best best best best place in all of Maryland to get a crab cake, in season or out season. If the place looks crowded just wait in line. You won’t have to wait long though for a table.

~Terri Klapko



My daughter promised me the best crabcake that I have ever eaten and she was right. I am retired to Spain and was missing Maryland crabcakes so while in Maryland on a vacation to visit family in August, she took me to Box Hill

~carol joyner



Consistent quality no matter what I order. A sandwich or salad or their ultimate crab cakes. Always packed because they are the best

~Sandy Marad



The best crab cakes and pizza.

~Andrew Gray



So busy even mid afternoon. Crab cakes and greek salad. THE BEST lunch ever.

~Emily Hsi



Always super I love the crabcakes and the rockfish bites

~Steve Hathaway



The food never varies, its never disappointing and as everyone knows the crab cakes are #1.i love the new decor plus,it looks like they are getting ready to have outdoor patio. Nice.everyone there is very freindly.

~Arlene Schafer



Really good crab cakes.

~John Gregorowich



Great pizza and the best crab cakes in the area and they ship them as well.

~Paul Barretto



Highly recommend the broiled crab cakes!!

~Sarah Strobel



Hands down the best crab cakes in the area.

~Rob Watson



Their crab cakes and cheese steak subs are the best!

~Jess Rudolph



Best crab cakes in Harford County!! Excellent desserts too and very friendly service.

~Colby Johnson



There crab cakes are wonderful

~Gail Vanmatre



The best crabcakes in the Baltimore area. Also check out the seafood salad wrap – gotta go a little off the menu for the wrap. Skip the fries and get the Greek Salad as your side. The dressing is sinfully awesome – you could drink

~Jay T



Dang that we live in GA now! We miss, miss their crabcakes BUT we do order them every year for our New Year’s dinner. Very expensive but sure worth every morsel of them! A couple of high end restaurants here will state Maryland

~Patty K



Came to box hill pizzeria today the crabcakes are awsome. The half and half crab soup was delicious. Definitely coming back again.

~Mark Siebenhaar



Great food. Crab cakes are what you want them to be! Representing MD properly! Goof for them!

~Joseph Paoletti



Moved to SC haven’t been to Box Hill in 10 years. Came home for a class reunion and to see family and went for a crab cake. Still AWESOME.

~Matthew Hickey



Don’t let the name fool you! The BEST crabcakes EVER. They will also ship them anywhere in the country . Family owned and operated. Very welcoming, friendly, polite. 

~Mary Maans



Tasty food, good service & descent prices. Supposedly they have excellent crab cakes but I’m a Midwest girl & prefer a good medium done steak to crabs. Doesn’t explain why I like mussels. Lol.

~Sarabeth Reinker



Great place. Best crab cakes.

~Nick Butt



The Crab cakes are incredible and the pizza is great!

~Verna Clayton



Food is good, best pizza crabcakes are excellent too, and don’t forget their BLT.

~Lidia Espana



takeout for a big Saturday dinner and everything was hot a delicious. Children’s portions are plentiful so we had lunch for the little one the next day. Crab cakes here are legendary. You may find a wait but it is worth it!

~Talie Madans



One word or two words depending who you are…. CRABCAKES. the best crabcakes known to man. Not a lot of fillers but a whole lot of crab.

~Brittany Marie



1st time there, the staff was very nice and helpful. I ordered the crab cakes dinner. Its was so Amazing. The dinner looked good, it was good. Its really was good. I be back soon.

~rob b



Outstanding as always. From crabcakes to pizza or their pasta dishes, one of the best places in Harford County! Best crabcakes in Maryland for sure!

~Robert Royster



Great service delicious crabcakes as usual.

~Helen Skevofilax



Newly remodeled food is great. Crab cake is still biggest in 40 mile area

~James valentine



Great crab cakes! They were doing some expansion when we were there this past summer, but, other than that “inconvenience”, I’ll surely patronize them again. I also order crab cakes from here online, and they’ve always arrived

~Chip B.



The best crab cakes in The World..so much crab meat!. All their other food is equally as good. Great family eatery.

~betty Williams



All types of food. The menu is extensive. From seafood to Pizza, Burgers and Chicken. The Chicken Salad is so good! Best known for crabcakes!!!! Family oki wned. Riverside Pizza is also their store. Never leave hungry.More

~Lynn McLaughlin



The best crabcakes, excellent house dressing for the salad and ready good service.

~Terrie Fraer



Everything was perfect… from the waiters, to the customers and especially the food. The crab cakes are everything they have been promised to be. The most delicious authentic blue crab ever!




Been coming here for over 15 years! Amazing food and service! Crab cakes to die for! Call Rick for your catering needs… spey reasonable and delicious!

~Jessica Borleis



Extensive menu with huge variety. Prices are excellent. By far THE absolute best Crab Cakes in Maryland. Their pizza and subs are great too. All of their main entrees are top quality.

~Cathy Markland



Excellent crab cake and pizza.

~Steven McCoy



For over 25 years I have gone for their FAMOUS Baltimore’s Best Crab Cakes. They also have great subs, pizza and Italian and Greek specials. You have to do something right to stay in business for this long.

~Sean Devoy



Yes best crabcakes in town.

~Ben Ruiz



Delicious food- specially the Crab- Cakes!

~Marcus Carstens



Crabcakes are the best!!!

~Mark Ensor



Best crab cakes in the area. Nice people too.

~David Swager



Awesome crab cakes and the burgers are pretty awesome as well

~William Bennett



Fantastic crab cakes, pizza, and wings. The newly remodeled restaurant is really cozy and the staff is A+ .

~David Argentieri



Great restaurant and great food. Crab cakes and other crab dishes are excellent.

~Sandy Erb



Best crab cakes in the US

~Lisa McKinney



Best Crabcakes!

~Nick Gray



Great crab cakes

~Dale Kelley



Great crab cakes.

~Marilyn Holloway



Believe the hype. Amazing crab cakes but also amazing pizza. Don’t hesitate to stop in (or order online) crab cakes to bake at home.

~David Winston



Everything was great. Crab cakes,Greek salad,and Pizza

~Ryan Edwards



Our waitress was awesome. Food/crab cake was wonderful!




Crab cakes

~Ryan Gaskins



Great crab cake

~Kelly T. Kirk



Awesome crabcakes and pizza. Mountainous desserts.

~Stephen Pomraning



Best crab cakes ever!

~Dave Shellenbarger



This place is known for crab cakes, and they are pretty good, but their other options are pretty good too. I enjoy their pastas. Service is also usually pretty good.

~Chester Karwowski



Best crab cakes

~David Mattson



We make a point of eating here whenever we visit family in the area. Love the crab cakes, all the food here is delicious. Can’t wait for our next visit.

~Mike Zimmerman



Best crab cakes around.

~Drew Calos



Box Hill Pizzeria is simply the best. Nothing else comes close. Yes, they’re famous for their crabcakes for good reason. You’ll not find a better crab cake anywhere for any price.

~Jason Van Bemmel



8 months ago
What can I say… best crabcakes on the planet.

~Michael Fleischer



Best Crab cake I ever had!!!

~Pat Collins



Owner came over and asked us how our meal was and if there’s anything we needed and told us a bit of the history of the restaurant. The wife and I got away from the kids and we shared a double crab cake platter was enough for two!More

~Elite Power Washing LLC



A must stop when I’m in the area to pick up some crab cakes. I can order frozen, but having them broiled there is the best! The staff is very helpful in packaging my large to-go orders for my 4 hour drive north.

~Matt PC



Great crab cakes and sub’s are delicious. Pricey like most but worth it for a treat.




Awesome crab cakes

~pamela hilt



Great staff and crab cakes are superb !!!

~Jeff Moore



Love the crab cakes

~Juan Celestial



The best crabcakes anywhere!

~Anestis Tsantis



Best crab cakes in the world




Great food, awesome crab cakes!

~Sherri Festerman



Best crab cakes

~Brandon Reoh



THE BEST crab cakes in Maryland. 90% crab and 10% cake and huge 8oz. Super salad dressing makes their cc platter a fine dinner choice.

~Gregory Wright



Best crab cakes ever

~Thomas Flavin



Amazing crab cakes

~Ryan Pease



Great crab cakes. Good service. Don’t go for the atmosphere!

~Loretta Zimmerman



The BEST crabcake on the market!!! Even great pissa & extra special desserts

~Michael Boucher



Good food and service , we return for another crab cake

~Kathy Dorsey



Great Crab Cakes!

~Joe Succop



Great crab cakes, stuffed fish and the fish n chips. The person taking our order was also very nice and helpful

~abdul ahad



One of the best Crab Cakes I have ever eaten. Huge with lots of lump crab meat & perfectly seasoned. Will order some online. Highly recommend this restaurant.

~Selina Dashiell



Crab cakes are to die for!

~paula wolfe



Great crab cakes

~JoAnne Magee



Crab cakes are GREAT!

~Dean Alban



Love it….crab cakes

~Mary Joy Bonafilia



Crab cakes to go

~Ann Schultz



One of the better crab cake places

~steven maddux



Box hill and Riverside pizza have the BEST CRAB CAKES.

~Diane Kahlenberg



Simple searing and great food. Crab cakes and fries are very good. Hear the other food is as well. They also have Yuengling and Coors Light. Great place.

~Oug Dubya



Great crab cakes big one’s. Will ship

~William Spencer



Excellent crab cake! Great seafood platter with rockfish, all in a little Pizza Joint!

~Jim Kelly



Great crab cakes

~Robert Ignozzi



Crab cakes always great I love their rockfish

~Steve Hathaway



Regularly rated as having the best crabcakes in Harford County. Friendly service, in the midst of construction and expansion.

~David Stark



I go there once a week for the crab cake they know me by name & great me at the door!! Been going there for years! LOVE BHILL Best Customer Service & Food!

~Katwalk Boutique



Best crab cakes around. Wish they delivered but otherwise they are great.

~Stephanie Haga



Best crab cakes around. Easily top 3 in Maryland. This place is a must visit!

~smith cr



Best Crab cakes. Greek Salad Dressing. Chicken Cheese steak Subs And Pizza

~Patrick Pomeroy



If you like crab cakes then this is a must! Service was great and the crab cakes were out of this world.

~Russ Hazzon



Without a doubt. Best crab cakes. Best service. Best prices. Best food

~Timothy Clark